June 14, 2016

2014 series was composed of 3 parts, divided into nudes, black & shredded.

Technically and conceptually it was a development from the 2013 series where I began to work with wool & lycra, experimenting with their properties, mixing, testing and building a...

June 5, 2016

'Organic Fetish' is series that developed as a progression from Transformation-B&W  graduation collection . It was triggered by the research of textures and human psychological responce to them by issociation.

This was the first self directed series post...

June 4, 2016

2013 series:

Materials: wool, lycra. 

Techniques: hand/machine knit, felting, plaiting.

During this period i repetitively  experimented with wool & lycra.

These materials are similar and different in their properties, behaviour , look & sensation.

When separate or...

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