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01.BS2.wcl.b  -  825€

One size
40% elasticity


Sheba: Hight- 178, Breast- 90, Waist- 70, Hips- 92

Zenia:  Hight- 183, Breast- 85, Waist- 66, Hips- 91

About the 01.BS2.wcl.b

01.BS2.wcl.b bodysuit is made using hand craft & manually controlled knitting machine. . 

The base is made from a stretchy (smarttextile) lycra yarn, with a fusion of very fine merino wool & recycled cotton on the front upper body.

Due to its textile properties the piece maulds to the shape of the weara, this style is bodycon. Soft to wear. Can be worn without a bra.

© VOFT by Valeriya Olkhova

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