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01.P2.kan  -  395€

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One size s/m

Models: Elias: Hight- 187, Bust- 86, Waist- 72, Size-44

Sheba: Hight- 178, Breast- 90, Waist- 70, Hips- 92

Zenia:  Hight- 183, Breast- 85, Waist- 66, Hips- 91

About the 01.P2.kan

01.P2.kan is gender fluid style.

It's made using hand craft & manually controlled knitting machine.

Wool pants with lycra exagerated waist.

 The wool is very soft & medium thick, very warm.


01.P2.kan is first knitted, then hand felted & manipulated. Cocooning series.


CARING: dry clean. If cold washed in areas, dry flat & hand manipulate for a softer organic result of the textile. Stretch into shape when wet. Iron for a flat textile result. 

Slightly hand pad to wet and iron when area of textiles stretch out.


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