One size
40% elasticity


Sheba: Hight- 178, Breast- 90, Waist- 70, Hips- 92

Zenia:  Hight- 183, Breast- 85, Waist- 66, Hips- 91

About the 01.B0031

This bustier is a carry over from voft x id-ism collab.

It's  made using hand craft & manually controlled knitting machine. 


B0031 bustier a unique design that combines a beautiful aesthetic with perfect comfort. As a woman, your breasts will change shape over time. A regular bustier is measured and fitted to the present shape and size of your breast. Not taken into the account the changes  our precious babies goes through. The VOFT Bustier is designed using knitted lycra that will adjust to your breasts every time you put it on.(smart textiles)

It is not the bustier you urge to take off after a night out, or a long day of travelling. It fits to every unique curve your body might have.


The different carefully handcrafted patterns gives the bustier a poetic, artistic and unique look, that will give it the character that VOFT always aims for. The weight and size of the bustier also makes it a perfect travel companion. 

It can be both worn as undergarment, overgarment & layered with other bustiers.


CARE: Cold hand wash. (wash in hot water a few times to shrink if necessary)


€ 210,00Price