One size 


Sheba: Hight- 178, Breast- 90, Waist- 70, Hips- 92

Zenia:  Hight- 183, Breast- 85, Waist- 66, Hips- 91

size is customizable on request

About the hoody jumper is made using hand craft & a manually controlled knitting machine.


The textiles is a fusion of stretchy, yellow lycra yarn (smart textiles) & soft structured peach copper, metalic yarn. 

Due to the properties of the yarn, the over all feel is both aesthetical and unique in behaviour. delicately knitted and stretchy. The waist/bottom has  an adjustable (transformer) detail. Internal string on both the front and on the back creats an option of tightening the bottom to make it more cropped or leaving loose for a more straight look. The strings are independents. There is a thump hole in each sleeve. Soft to wear. 

The shimmer from the metalic will shine, or not, depending on the light of the surroundings. 

Caring: dry clean, light cold hand wash, dry flat. Do not iron

€ 1.200,00Price