One size 


Sheba: Hight- 178, Breast- 90, Waist- 70, Hips- 92

Zenia:  Hight- 183, Breast- 85, Waist- 66, Hips- 91

size is customizable on request

About the 01.J2.m.dc

01.J2.m.dc jumper is made using hand craft & manually controlled knitting machine. 


The textiles is a fusion of stretchy, nude lycra yarn (smart textiles) & soft structured rustic dark copper, metalic yarn. 

Due to the properties of the yarn, the over all feel is both aesthetical and unique in behaviour. The textile can be manipilated to be a bit wider & more cropped or slimmer & longer. 

The shimmer from the metalic will shine, or not, depending on the light of the surroundings. 

The 2 holes in the sleeves creat a different styling option of putting arms through the holes. By doing so, either wrapping or letting the rest of the sleeve hang. 

Caring: dry clean, light cold hand wash (areas) . Do not iron


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