Is developed to support the world situation due to the Covid_19 epidemic

by Leon Louis x Vo/ft Valeriya Olkhova.

It has been carefully engineered with a mechanical double Air-valve breathing system and one-hand size-adjustable possibility, for the most easy usage.  It has a OEKO-TEX certified removable, washable Air-filter and mouldable membrane, which conceals a wire,  to ensure the ideal personalized shape of its barriers’ face structure.  

The sculptural 3d design in front of the mouth, extends space for a fluid breath flow, through which the skin comes in contact with the inner leather membrane. 

The outer shell is developed from a water resistant oil skin textile, hand-stitched with waxed linen thread , known for its durable strength.  

The double harnessing string around the head is knitted in high elastic lycra, which also conceals “zero-waist” paddings on the upper string to ensure extra convenience. 

 The adjustability is easily maintained by one hand adjustment for tightening and loosing in use. 


  • 1 PCS Air-filter is included with this purchase. This Air-filter is removable and washable on  Additionally, 3-Pack Air-filters can be purchased separately.

  • The object is a stand alone art piece.


Handcrafted in Denmark


Material_1: OILSKIN (waxed and water resisted)

Material_2: Leather (zero-waist, hides) 

Material_3: 100% Tencel (washable air-filter with OEKO-TEX certification)  


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