Ray Roa - Art Performer

Ray Roa, a dear friend and a man of many talents in the contemporary dance industry. 


Knitted costumes were specifically developed for his solo 'Lolla', inspired by his grandmothers mannerism.


Thin leather is hand woven into viscose yarn to shape an apron. Through time of performing, the piece wrinkles, hardens, twists, changing its shape, texture and visual.The black is a hand knitted wool with silk details. It refers to comforting essence that increases with age and the sensuality that never leaves.

The mask was deconstructed and build on from a mask we have found on the streets of cph.There is an element of hiding identity and restriction of time , reflected in the shape of the mask.


see more on RISK' blog  . An artistic collective of choreograghers based in CPH.