_part 1 VOFT backstage 4 less: editorial for Less Magazine issue 6 "connectivism'

The story behind the story 'connectivism'

(Less Magazine issue 6 released January cphfw)

Based on the brief :”Materialism”

Working title : ”Connectivism”

Location: The Lab

Photographer- Jakob storm

Set design: Charlotte Boyte

Makeup: Nat Syrik

Models:Michiel Tange van Leeuwen, Jade Shadey D’econzac Mbay ,Nina Rasmussen

Knitwear, styling : VOFT

Big thank you to everyone involved, a fantastic team, unique skills and vision.

Sabine Poupinel for beautiful pieces and Nina York for stunning Jewelry .

As part of this issue some of the designers were asked to Define Materialism :

''New Era of SYMBIOSIS and CONNECTI-VISM between textile and human, material and emotion.

It reflects a Period of ‘IDENTITY CLOTHING’. Manifested through SLOW-FASHION and

born through preservation, awareness, sustainability, interactive & customizable design, futurism.

Clothes as SECOND SKIN, empower & safeguard a sense of serenity & curiosity of mind. Fueling our senses to wander and escape.

The materials elasticity enables it to mold itself, to liberate the body in movement & rawness cocoons it in unique comfort.

This Change in design system is reflective of human values. It exudes primal energy of identity.

Mate-Rialism of now embodies a personal relationship with the garment, where handcraft is elevated & breathes life into its soul. ''

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