Organic fetish

'Organic Fetish' is series that developed as a progression from Transformation-B&W graduation collection . It was triggered by the research of textures and human psychological responce to them by issociation.

This was the first self directed series post graduation. Much of the conceptual inspiration is rooted in the personal vision.


  • metamorphosis, the changing state of being, chrysalis.

  • anatomy-visual reference and functionality.

  • sociology & psychology of identity.

'Organic Fetish' questions emotional association & response to the colour & texture of the pieces.

Concept focus in textures: armor/shelter, sensuality/vulnerability/empowerment.

Two metaphorical stories are told by the anatomical visual:

Inner told by the fine viscose, representing private identity that can be sensitive & fragile, yet sensual and essential core.

Outer (leather) captures public identity. Leather in this context is symbolical to a protective second skin, an armour of a sort, yet shapeable by the viscose.

The two are interdependent. One is not complete with out the other. They seek a simbiosis.

Below you can find images of drawings, harnesses and the pieces themselves.

Drawings :


Harnesses: oracles

Image Jannick Boerlum

Portfolio harness & details:

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