Wool & lycra 2013

2013 series:

Materials: wool, lycra.

Techniques: hand/machine knit, felting, plaiting.

During this period i repetitively experimented with wool & lycra.

These materials are similar and different in their properties, behaviour , look & sensation.

When separate or mixed, they can produce a large range of results in knit.

These two yarns remain essential in my work today. (2016)

Within the slow knitting/ slow fashion/personal work process, it is important for me to push the boundaries of ‘a material’ and challenge it . By continuously working with a limited range of yarns (as a base), over time, one decreases waist through a stronger behavioral understanding of the yarn and building of the technical vocabulary of expression. Thus, allowing the process to decrease experimental stages at the beginning of each collection. This also prolongs the life of the textile, as it naturally develops within the new concept.

Both of these wool and lycra yarns are easily cared for.

Washable in the machine (hand wash advisable), light & do not crease.

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