Wool, lycra & leather 2014

2014 series was composed of 3 parts, divided into nudes, black & shredded.

Technically and conceptually it was a development from the 2013 series where I began to work with wool & lycra, experimenting with their properties, mixing, testing and building an expressive vocabulary.

Materials: wool, lycra, leather, viscose, waxed cotton, cotton

Techniques: hand/machine knit, felting, knotting, plaiting, ripping, shredding, weaving, stitching, rolling, wrapping.

My leather of choice is bought from the 'waist' shop at a Ukrainian leather factory whenever I go back to visit my home.

When using the leather, I aspire to keep as much of the original texture & brokenness as possible. One of the most attractive parts for me is the rawness of the history & the damaged marks it eaves on the material.

In these series there were further experiments with felting finely knitted wool and weaving silks, twisted cotton yarn into lycra and wool.

The shredded pieces were developed from taking layered of fabric apart by hand, using delicate finger work. The deconstructed textures and holes that you see were an organic result of the technique.


Black :


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