Graduation collection: 'Transformation'

This graduation collection was constructed during my final year at Chelsea University of Arts London.

‘Transformation b & w’ is about duality & identity.

Do we have a stereotypical association with black / white?

White could be innocent, psychiatric, sterile, poetic...

Black : fetishised, modest, arrogant, mysterious…

Can the textures reflect or capture these moods?

Can/do we use textural language to better represent, hide, cocoon, ourselves.

Would finding a better understanding of textures and their mood, help us achieve a more cohesive style as a reflection of state of mind.

The research began inspired by the world of Black-swan and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Double.

Conceptually it explores parallels, duality, opposites ;

stage & behind the scenes, private & public identity,

pain & empowerment, innocent & corrupt, shelter & allure,

black & white, tight & loose, hard & soft, static & dynamic.

These words (among other ) were reflected in the choice & use of materials & techniques used through the project in attempt to reflect them visually and emotionally associated.

  • knitting, weaving, knotting, plaiting, ripping, cutting , dying, taking apart. hanging, stuffing,

  • leather, viscose (yarn & fabric), silk (yarn & fabric), mohair, antara yarn , mohair, raw alpaca, horse hair (raw & Chinese), feathers, paper yarn, fishing wire.

Initial mix media drawings & concept research: pencil, pen, ink, oil paint, watercolor, paint, tracing paper, film:



Transformation project covers : initial research, textural drawings, sampling, product & fashion illustration.

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