The Velvet State: a conceptual, interactive, five day art

performance. 30 performers & 9 rooms. Located in the

middle of Roskilde Festival’ Art zone, it explored the idea of

‘Sensuous Society”.

A society which focused on poetry,

sensuality and ritualism. Housed in a lazer cut, ply board

creation, designed and developed by architect Simon

Hjermind Jensen.

The Archetypes (9) characters  were inspired

& designed by carefully analysed ,exaggerated  human

characters qualities. Based on stereotypes of our life. The

costume design team worked closely with the set design team 

to achieve a harmonious reflection of the archetypes

characters. By doing so, intensify the ritualistic experience and

challenge conformity of our comfortable social environment.

The processes and materials involved in making the costumes,

where possible mirrored the archetypes. for example:

The flowers for the alchemist were collected over a time of 4 weeks, dried used for the head piece.We aimed to reflect in the choice and texture of material some of the essence of the archetypes. The movement, mood, aesthetics

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© VOFT by Valeriya Olkhova

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